2 Ways to be Stylish, Confident, and You!

2-ways-style-Inside copyHi Beautifuls! I hope your week so far has been just marvelous!

Last night I attended and spoke at an event with the focus on fashion and personal style. At the event, that was successfully put on by one of my dearest family friends, there was a mini fashion show. She had models of all styles and shapes strut down the runway wearing one of their favorite outfits, and the one thing that all these beautiful ladies had in common was that they were all glowing with confidence!

It made me realize that the key to be successful in fashion is to wear it your way because, that is when you look and feel the most beautiful. So, today on the blog, I am sharing 2 elements to help you to be stylish while still being you!

Tip #1: Accentuate and Downplay for Your Body Type

Ladies, never ever define yourself by a number. You will be surprised on how beautiful (and more comfortable) you will feel wearing the correct size for your shape.

Style Tip: Wear lighter hues in the areas you want to attract attention, and where you want to downplay, add deeper hues like a deep red wine, plum, or navy. The deeper hues will act like a black, making the area appear more slimming.

Tip #2: Wear Pieces that mean something to You

Yesterday, at the event, one of the models was a beautiful lady in her mid-40s with the most classic Audrey Hepburn elegance to her, but what made her style unique and true to her, was her accessory. She has a collection of over 100 hats, from her great great grandmothers to recent purchases and she pairs one with almost every outfit as one of her own unique styling attributes!

Whether it’s hats or your favorite shade of pink lipstick that you love to rock everyday, it is a unique trait like that, that makes you stand out amongst all the fashionistas!

Adding personal touches to your own style is the reason why I fell in love with fashion. It is an art that lets you express your geniune self and wonderful things can come out of it when you feel confident and beautiful!

I hope you enjoyed this post, and remember through fashion and in life, just be you! 🙂

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