3 Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Jean Jacket!


Details: Black Maxi Dress (the exact dress in white is currently $20!, here) | Fade Wash Denim Jacket | (‘Gigi’ Sandal | Saddle Brown Tote (Similar tote under $100, here) – a perfect shade that literally goes with everything!)

Hi Beautifuls! Today on TBM I am sharing 3 reasons everyone, even your pet (if you dress them up) needs a jean jacket! Side Note: (Sometimes I feel I use too many exclamation points, but I promise I am not yelling at you haha. I am just so excited to be sharing these style tips) – so lets get started 🙂


I have owned a jean jacket for as long as I could remember…white, dark denim, washed out denim, one with a giant Winnie the Pooh character on the back (oh, that one brings back so many memories. I loved that jacket so much. I wasn’t going to leave the Disney Store without it haha). But why I bring up all the different styles of jean jackets I have owned in my lifetime is to show how no matter the style or cut, they have continued to be a classic piece year after year! (except for maybe my Winnie the Pooh one)

Out of all the jackets I have in my closet, I find myself almost always choosing one of my denim jackets to style my outfits with. They are a classic staple and you need one. Period. But if you still need more convincing, keep on reading 🙂


Jean jackets are effortless and will always make your outfits look complete while looking super stylish and chic. I love a good denim jacket because it is a neutral statement, so no matter your style (edgy, feminine, sporty, romantic) it goes great with all shades and hues!

Side Note: When I say a jean jacket is a neutral statement, just think like a pair of denim pants, it works with any and every shade you choose to wear it with, making it a neutral tone.


Don’t be misled by articles when they come out year after year during March saying denim is now trending because, what they are not sharing is that a denim jacket is never not trending! I do agree that they are one of the best jackets to pair with your spring/summer outfits due to the light weight material, so you don’t overheat, but it is also the perfect transition piece for entering all four seasons! (unless you live in California, then it’s great for all of our 2 seasons hah). Since it seriously goes with everything, whether you have transitioned into your darker hues for fall, or bringing out your light florals for spring, pairing a jean jacket will forever make you look stylish and chic.

To help you on your quest to finding the perfect jean jacket, I have selected some of my favorites (and a few that I personally have myself) that I hope you enjoy!


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