3 Tips to Always Looking Stylish

Whether you are about to walk the red carpet or about to roll out of bed to get ready in under 5 minutes, these three tips will help you to always look stylish! Effortlessly, too!

A really great way to elevate your basics a là a top and jeans is to pair a loose fitted top with a more tight/tailored fit bottom.

A few examples may include:

• A slouchy tee with skinny jeans. I love pairing similar outfits like these with heels. It gives subtle glam vibes and I love the feminine touch! These strappy sandals from Steve Madden are one of my favorites to pair with (basically) everything during spring and summer!

• A relaxed-fit long sleeve sweater with shorts. This stripe long sleeve from Free People is the perfect example of a relaxed fit top (and it’s super cute!!) Pairing this look with a pair of sneakers or flats gives the perfect casual and relaxed look for every day.Proportions are definitely important into always looking stylish.

Keeping your look balanced will always make your outfit seem effortless and very chic. People will never guess you just rolled out of bed and your hair may or may not be the same as you went to bed the night before…

And if they do notice, say you were going for the messy look. Works every time…

I personally love this little style tip. It is so simple, but surely makes the look more unique and chic. Typically with a looser fitting shirt, I will tuck a piece of my shirt into the side of my pants. Or the front if I am wearing a cute belt.

It’s super cute and by tucking a piece it shows a snippet of your frame, whereas if you just wore the shirt completely loose. Because of that, I really feel like it makes my outfit more chic!

You know I love me some pretty accessories…

And because I wear a lot of neutrals and solid colored tops, I pair a lot with a statement necklace. Depending on the choice in accessories, I am able to create a different look every time by changing out the accessories! Grungy/Vintage? Pair with a velvet choker. Feminine? Pair with a crystal bib.

Another, more understated, way to spice up the look is with layering necklaces. It’s more on the dainty side, has more of a subtle glam, but adds such a beautiful detail to your look. I highly recommend checking out BaubleBar. They have the cutest layering necklaces for all styles!

Both are an easy addition to help elevate any outfit! Also, with spring/summer one of my favorite accessories to add to an outfit is a cute hat! Sole Society has some ADORABLE ones. So adorable I had to write it in all caps. I linked a few down below. 🙂

What are some things you like to do to style and elevate your daily outfits?

Thank you so much for stopping by and have a fabulous week!

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