6 Shoes To Wear With Shorts

Hi my name is Kayla, and I am a shoe fanatic..

Shoes just might be my favorite part when styling an outfit. In fact, sometimes I will start with the shoe and work my way up because I just really want to wear that certain pair, hah.

I really believe shoes can make or break an outfit. But I also love how shoes can change the look of the overall appearance! By just the change of the shoe you can make your outfit more laid-back, edgy, or dressy, and I think that’s just really cool!

One of the trickier outfits to pair the perfect shoe with are the ones with shorts. Styling shorts can be tricking depending on the length of the shorts and the lengths of your legs (I am all about the illusions of making my legs longer)..

Below I am sharing 6 styles [shoes] that will look FAB with shorts! Let’s get started!

Denim shorts and a pair of sneakers is the classic summer look. And with all the platforms, embellishments, espadrilles, and dramatic bows, these trendy sneakers make a basic outfit (shorts and a tee) very very chic.


I love that there is so many different styles of ankle boots! Opt for ones with cutouts to stay cool on the warmer days.

Style Tip: Because I have shorter legs, I like to choose booties that hit below the ankle, or has a cut that exposes the ankle. It helps give the illusion that I have long legs, and who doesn’t love that?!


My favorite way to dress up shorts while still feeling casual! My favorite espadrille wedge in denim blue is now back in stock! I honestly didn’t think I would wear this as often due to the color, but I am seriously obsessed! And because it is a ‘denim’ wash, it acts like a neutral and goes with ev-er-y-thing!


Though high heels are perfectly okay to wear with shorts, low heels are more optimal for all occasions, day and night. Heels can be tricky with shorts because you don’t want to look too risqué. To always be safe, stick with the lower heels to keep your look fresh and sophisticated.


For the beach babe, this style is for you. To dress up shorts and flip flops, I love pairing it with a cute sun hat, like this one here, or layers of fun bracelets/jewelry!


And for all my boho babes out there, take your favorite pair of printed shorts and pair it with a pair of chunky wooden platforms. I should’ve Google’d synonyms for ‘pair’, but I didn’t and now a pear sounds super yummy..

Anyways, the combo with these type of heels and print gives off the perfect summer vibes and can be worn on all ages! Not a shorts girl, pair these heels with a pair of printed palazzo pants for the same stylish look. I have this pair here and it’s only $35! Though, to be honest my mom bought them for herself (size 8) and it fit true to me (size 7).


Well ladies, I really hope you enjoyed today’s post and be sure to follow along on social media (all linked at the bottom of the page) of daily fashion inspo and sometimes irrelevant captions! 😉


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  1. May 9, 2017 / 12:57 pm

    I cannot wait until it’s permanently shorts weather over here! It’s been so on and off lately it’s been difficult to dress lol. I love all the options you gave for styling your shoes with shorts, thanks babe!

    Rina Samantha

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