7 Spring Dresses For Easter (or just because)!

Hello Beautifuls, I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Ian and I made a spontaneous trip to San Francisco and disguised ourselves as tourists in our own city– it was so much fun! The weather was beautiful, the food was amazing, and exploring the entire city was such a fabulous adventure!

Every Easter as a little girl my mom would purchase a brand new dress for me to wear on Easter Sunday, having this little tradition has always been something I looked forward to and has now turned into a mother-daughter bonding where we will shop together to find our Easter outfits ( I guess I know who I can blame for my fashion addiction). With that being said, I just selected my dress that I cannot wait to wear this week, but also, I am sharing 7 dress (one including the one I recently purchased) ranging from $48-$130–whether it is for Easter or for spring, every girl should give themselves the excuse to put on a pretty dress!

And if you’re like me and wear lots of white, I have listed below a few heels that would be the perfect pop of color for any spring outfit!

Happy shopping Beautifuls!


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