A Splash of Yellow

Maybe it’s the dark hair. New hair, new me, right? But lately I have been gravitating towards color… I know it’s weird.

Right before my trip to Boston Ian and I went shopping for new shoes for him. And I walked out with this yellow jacket, haha. I am constantly changing my hair, so you would think that I am used to knowing that not all pieces that I used to wear works with the new hair, but I’m not. Partially the reason why I only wear neutral colors because it works with everything.

Kayla where are you going with this? I’ll tell you: this yellow jacket made me fall in love with the contrast between my now dark hair and vibrant colors. It has quickly became one of my favorite coats for spring and can’t wait to style it with shorts and heels and cute summer dresses!

I have rounded up some adorable yellow trenches in a few tones since not all yellow compliments every skin tone (I recommend trying them on in stores if available to make sure it works for you). But I have also linked a few lovely accessories from yellow bottoms and handbags to my favorite yellow drop earrings, that will all be a beautiful compliment to all skin complexions and to your spring wardrobe! BaubleBar has the cutest bright colored accessories. 

Thank you SO much for stopping by and I hope you have a fabulous week ahead! <3

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