Hello and welcome to my little nook on the interweb!

The Beautiful Melody, named after the meaning of my Hawaiian middle name, is my creative outlet where I document and share fashion inspiration, my life journal, and so much more!

I have always had a love for fashion, though I partially have to credit my mom for I am her only daughter which meant ruffles and giant bows galore growing up!

From bows to basketball jerseys (I have an older brother, and those years of trying to be just like him made my fashion reputation not so great…) to back to bows (thank goodness!) I have always loved experimenting with clothes and different styles; it is my favorite pass-times and my ultimate passion!

I created The Beautiful Melody to inspire women and girls of all ages to embrace their own style, to take these tips/my advice, to make it their own, and to have fun!

And to those who have inspired me to begin blogging and to all the wonderful people who read my posts and follow along my journey, thank you SO much for supporting The Beautiful Melody.




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