Color Combos You Must Try This Spring!


Hello Beautifuls! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! Over the weekend, I got to see Wicked for the second time on Broadway, but only this time around I got to support a friend pursuing her dreams in theater! She was wonderful and extremely talented, I am currently plotting on a night to see the performance again before she has to pack up and move on to the next city. If you haven’t seen the Broadway show, I highly recommend it!

Also over the weekend I received the April 2016 issue of InStyle. The topic of this issue is on color and I loved the article written by Christina Shanhan! She paired 7 colors that are not your everyday color combos, but that is what made each one so intriguing. Out of her 7 pairings, I wanted to share my top 3 that I cannot wait to dress-up and accessorize with!

1. Cobalt and Peach

This combo is so fresh, so feminine, and so youthful all at the same time. Accent your home decor with these vibrant colors, or leave it just in your wardrobe by wearing a peach blouse (or dress) and pairing it with a cobalt handbag, jewelry, or shoes! Want to mix this feminine look and make it more edgy? Shanhan mentions to pair these hues with a moto jacket–love this idea!


2. Coral and Melon

Coral is one of my go-to colors in Spring / Summer. And pairing these two together colors this season will definitely make a statement wherever you go! Sharing the same undertone is what makes this combo such a power couple. The two will always compliment each other and will go with most every skin tone! Not quite sure if you can pull off this zesty combo? Ease into slowly by applying these colors in your accessories, like your sunglasses, necklaces, or even beauty products (depending on your complexion, a blush and a lipstick would look beautiful)


3. Pale Blue and Aubergine

Shanhan categorized this color combo as The Odd Couple and I couldn’t describe it any better if I tried. The pairing of these two colors are so odd, but together, it is so flattering and oddly beautiful. (Stay tuned to see how I pair these two together!) Alone, Aubergine is a stimulating color, but when you pair it with a cool calm color, like a Pale Blue, a harmonious balance is created.

Style Tip: Wear the Pale Blue in the areas you want to attract attention and the Aubergine where you would to downplay. The Deep red wine shade will act as a black, making that area appear more slimming.


Thank you so much for reading this post! To see all 7 color combo pairings, make sure to check out the April 2016 InStyle! Are you going to try out any of these color combos this season? If so, tag me on Instagram @thebeautifulmelody on how you style these pairings! I would love to see!


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