How to Elevate Any Basic Outfit!

Today on The Beautiful Melody, I am sharing 5 pieces/fashion hacks that will instantly elevate any basic outfit making them more chic and very sleek! Also known as my uniform throughout the week because honestly, if you’re not Thursday night, Friday, or the weekend, I’m probably not going to dress super cute for you.

With a clear elastic band, I like to gather my t-shirt towards one side and knot it. It’s super cute and it tailors to the body more making it more chic, less basic. 😉

Another option to show more of your frame is by tucking in your top. A fashion hack to making sure it doesn’t look “messy” when you are working with a lot of fabric is to gather the top (like you would when making the front tie) but instead of knotting it, wrap an elastic band and create a ponytail in the front, and then tuck that part in.

It makes the tuck so much neater and you don’t have to worry about it bunching in odd places throughout the day!

Style Tip: Add a belt to finish off the outfit

One of my favorite ways is to tie a flannel shirt around my waist. It adds color to the outfit and makes it look a bit more interesting.

Style Tip: Change the look from day to night by adding a leather jacket and heels!

To make a basic outfit more sophisticated and more formal, I love to pair it with a trench coat or a long duster. A trench is an essential wardrobe piece for every fashionista, and a duster is more trendy and comes in various materials and colors. This duster here from Nasty Gal, for example, is satin and SOO pretty!

But with whichever outer-piece you decide to add both will definitely make your basic outfit more professional and sleek.

Adding a denim jacket makes a basic t-shirt and jeans outfit look so much cuter! I have been really loving the longer denim jackets, like this one here and it’s only $33!!

I also love pairing an unbuttoned chambray top for a lighter ‘denim’ option and for a more fitted look.

Because I wear my black jeans and white jeans so often throughout the year, when we enter spring/summer I personally love giving them a break and wearing a pair of colored jeans. It’s super cute and a fun way to freshen up any basic look! Old Navy has some fun colors and I love the fit and their prices!

What are some of your fashion hacks to making a basic outfit more chic? Below I have linked a few of my favorite basic pieces.



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  1. May 24, 2017 / 9:46 am

    I am loving all of your tips! My favorite way to jazz up an outfit would definitely be pairing it with my go-to denim jacket! I just love the versatility of a denim jacket!

    Ana |

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