How to Shop Online

The two questions I get almost every day is, “is that new?” and “did you get that online?” Though the first question isn’t a real question because those who are asking just like to bring to my attention that I may, possibly but probably not, have a shopping problem. Ehem, Ian… Mother…

But I frequently get asked if I purchased something online because they are impressed on the fit or maybe the quality of the item. And I am impressed that they don’t shop online more often since my closet is probably 99% made up of items I purchased online.

So today on The Beautiful Melody, I wanted to share a few tips and tricks that I do when it comes to shopping online.

Let’s get started!

Before you actually start shopping, sort of know what you are looking for. A lot of times I will see on Instagram and Pinterest really cute outfits and I instantly think omg I want that! Social channels is a great way to find inspiration, but take the time to actually pick a part what they are wearing, why you were drawn to it and see if any of those pieces are similar to what you already have! You may be surprised on how many similar pieces you already have to recreate the look!

Sizes are different from all around the world. A size 2 in the US is actually a size 4-6 in Australia. After looking at the guide, I also like to look at the model’s measurements (and how it fits and falls on them).

Models will always be wearing a sample size, which is a small or size 2, so if they are wearing a medium, that may suggest that that pieces runs a little small.

Because I am an avid online shopper, I can look at a photo and instantly know whether or not that piece will look good on me. But this took years of training, so don’t feel bad if you are not quite there yet. Practice makes perfect, after all right?…

If you are really unsure about online shopping because of the way things may fit, when shopping in stores, try on the pieces and note down why you didn’t like something or why you did. Granted, jeans are way more difficult. For jeans, I know my size, tend to shop the same brands I already own, and then read countless reviews to see how it fits on others.

But these notes will help you when shopping online. You can see the piece on the model and you can either say, “yes, I liked that fit on me” or, “oh no, I remember trying something similar and did not like how it fell on me.”


I must say, I am guilty for this one. A lot of times I see something and I get it because it’s cute and looked great on the model, or because it was floral and because #spring. But I end up never wearing it because I don’t know HOW to wear it, or it wasn’t truly my style.

So, tip #3: don’t buy something that you can’t mix with your current wardrobe. If you are looking at a top, but can’t think of anything you can wear it with, don’t buy it. Chances are you still wouldn’t know what to wear with it even once it arrives on your doorstep.

The ads on Facebook are known for this, but I have seen these sort of ads elsewhere advertising pieces for $12, even sometimes less. It may seem super tempting, but please avoid!

Most of the times, the photos of the clothing, and even the models, are not the real deal. Well they are, but for someone else’s website.

You know all those memes with the expectations vs. reality of the photo of what they thought they bought and then what they received. Though they make for a funny meme, don’t be a meme…

Stick with places and brands you have tried or have heard of with good reputations.

When I come across a new clothing website, I like to go on Youtube and see what vloggers have to say because if it is good (or really terrible) you know vloggers and bloggers are there to help! 😉

How do you prefer to shop, in person or online? I hope you enjoyed today’s post and have a fabulous day! It’s my mom’s birthday today, so we are off to play at the beach!



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