How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

Over the weekend, I pulled out my all time favorite boots from Kristin Cavallari. Her line is actually one of my favorites for boots/booties. They are beautifully designed, super comfortable, affordable, and last for years! Seriously, I have been wearing mine nonstop for the past three(ish) years and they are still in great condition.

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Over-the-knee boots, also known as OTK boots, may in fact be one of my favorite style boots for fall. They are such a statement piece and can really elevate the look–when styled correctly. So, today I am sharing 4 tips and tricks on how to wear OTK boots for every body type! Yup, that’s right. After reading these tips you no longer have an excuse on why you can’t pull of this trend;)

Style Tip #1: Make sure the boot is snug

This doesn’t mean the boot has to feel/look tight, but it should be fitted and not baggy. Especially for ladies who are more petite, you want to make sure there isn’t too much loose fabric around your legs. Having the boot more snug will also help keep the boot from sliding down throughout the day.

Boot cuffs is also a fun and cute little trick to use to help your boot from sliding down.

Style Tip #2: Have a 3-6 inch Gap Between Boots and Hemline

This gap is super important, especially for petites! Having this 3-6 inch gap helps breaks apart the look, giving a bit of breathing room if you will, so the overall look doesn’t look so overwhelming. I actually think the gap helps elongate my legs and makes me appear taller!

Now if you are pairing your OTKs with a pair of jeans/leggings just keep the 3-6 inch gap between the boot and your waistline to keep that elongated illusion.

I am 5’3” (okay maybe 5’2” but who really knows..) and when I pair OTK boots with pants I typically pair it with a boot that goes just above the knee, instead of my thigh highs. These ones here are perfect!! Extremely stylish and comfortable and under $100.

Style Tip #3: Keep it Fitted

Another way to avoid creating a look that is too overwhelming for your body is to keep the rest of the look fitted. Keep the outfit proportionate by not piling too much on and by avoiding bulky and overly-baggy pieces.

Style Tip #4: Have Fun and Be Confident

The two main style secrets in fashion is to have fun and be confident while doing it! Sometimes I get stuck in the trends and want to copy what everyone else is wearing, but when I style for myself and create a look I love, like this one I wore over the weekend, I have so much more fun in it!!

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Thank you SO much for stopping by! Below I selected a few OTK boots that will be perfect whether or not you are just trying out the trend.

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