Introducing Fall with Pieces You Already Own!


Hello, Beautiful! As we all know, fall is approaching and with that being said lets all order pumpkin spice everything while wearing our Uggs  not be so basic this year and be très chic in our fall fashion!

Fall fashion is one of my favorites (says every girl in the world), but seriously it’s true. I am in love rustic hues. The deep reds, the burnt oranges… In fact, one of the walls in my room is this beautiful burnt orange and my daily chose of eyeshadows will forever be warm tones, no matter the day of the year. Talk about a tangent… Ok, moving on.

Even though it takes a bit longer for the California weather to fully cool down, I have been slowly integrating fall colors and autumn staples to my #ootds with pieces I already had in my closet and so can you, so lets start fallifying our wardrobes!!

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Cardigans are one of my favorite pieces when transitioning seasons! The more a cardigan looks like you borrowed it from your grandpa’s closet, the better in my opinion just because you can look like you just rolled out of bed, but still look uber chic. #IWokeUpLikeThis

Cardigans are great for layering and easy to take off and tie around the waist (or over the shoulders for a more preppy look) when it gets a little too warm out during the day. I also love all the quilted patterns and fun solid colors cardigans come in because it is such a simple way to liven up any outfit!


Honestly, the seasons should be: Spring, Summer, Fall Boots, Winter because isn’t that the real reason why everyone loves fall so much? Maybe it’s just me…I do love me my over-the-knee-boots 😉

As the temperature starts to change, the most simplest way to introduce fall into your outfits is by swapping out your sandals for a pair of booties! I recommend booties over mid-calf length boots just because it is still on the warmer side and we don’t want to feel too constricted throughout the day (Also, keep in mind it all depends on where you live too). And if you’re like me and love your OTK boots, pair them with a t-shirt dress or a mini skirt and basic tee!

To learn more about the shoes you need to enter Fall 2016 and how to style them, head over to my blog post here!


Pairing tights under a dress, or skort is a fun way to continue to wear your summer pieces without freezing all day (plus if you forgot to shave, no one will even know!)

Tights also add an elegance which I love and you don’t have to stick to the basic solid black! Treat tights as an accessory and as you would wear a [insert color here] cardigan to pop a color, trying doing that with your tights! If you have never played with colored or patterned tights, I dare you to give it a try this fall; I promise you will have so much fun styling your outfit!

Style Tip: Steer away from peep-toed shoes when pairing tights with an outfit. When wearing tights, I love close-toed booties, or flats.


And last but certainly not least, colors! Now this doesn’t mean to put away all your whites and lights; this just means to start incorporating your darker hues! For example, I love the contrast between my rustic hues and hunter greens against my white jeans and it’s the perfect way to incorporate both fall and summer!


Below I have selected a few of my favorites to help you slowly introduce fall into your wardrobes and I hope you enjoyed this post! Thank you so much for stopping by!



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