July Favorites


Happy August, Beautifuls! I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer! This weekend Ian and I started a new TV series on Netflix called Limitless. It is about a guy who is immune to this drug that basically makes him brilliant and because of that, he works with the FBI to solve crimes while they look into this chemical. It  is pretty interesting to say the least hah. What are your current tv shows? We could use some recommendations. 🙂

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Details: Denim Shift Dress | Panama HatMary Jo Lip Kit | Kate Spade Watch Espadrilles Wedge (similar)

And now to my July favorites!

My absolute favorite this month had to have been my 1920s party! All the flowers were brought back to my home afterwards and it literally looked like I just got married hah. But I am still reminiscing over the night and looking back at the photos because it was just seriously so fun! Though, I was speaking to my cousin a few days ago and she told me I set myself for super high expectations the next time I throw a party, oops haha.

Favorite Drink

Starbucks Cold Brew with Vanilla Cream. It has the perfect amount of sweetness for my liking and so refreshing! Ian says it’s too bitter because he is the type of guy who likes coffee flavored milk, rather than actual coffee haha.

Favorite Perfume

Replica Beach Walk is actually my all time favorite perfume that I wear all year long, but theres something special and satisfying about smelling like you have just been playing in the waves and sand all summer long, when in reality you have probably only hit the beach twice (maybe) this summer, like me! #makingdreamsareality

Favorite Beauty Product

Kylie Cosmetics…before you roll your eyes, you have to hear me out. I didn’t purchase her lip kits until a couple months ago because it was like trying to win the lottery trying to get your hands on one of these babies, but as she produced more products and people were gravitating to those, I snuck in and bought a few that I wanted to try. 😉

I have been wearing her lip products for 2 months straight and I truly love her formula! Her liquid lip in the shade Exposed has been my go-to shade this entire month and love wearing it on its own, or pairing it with a gloss! (Anastasia of Beverly Hills gloss in the shade peony, or Ashley Tisdale’s Illuminate Line in the shade Skinny Dip–magnificent!). And yesterday, I finally got to trying the shade, Mary Jo, Kylie’s red shade (we are on first name basis), and it was beautiful! I can’t describe it any other way than it is the perfect shade of red. I typically shy away from reds because I don’t like that attention directed to my lips, but even my younger brother complimented the shade and that was when I knew it was a winner haha.

Favorite Clothing

Loose-fitting dresses, like a t-shirt dress or shift dress and hats! It’s been getting extremely warm this month, and I barely like pants as it is, so these dresses have been my perfect go-to’s lately. The Nordstrom Anniversary Sale still has some great styles available, and perfect ones to help you transition into fall!

Tobi, where my dress above is from, is another online boutique that has really great dresses to beat the heat in as well! (And all first time Tobi shoppers receive 50% off their entire purchase!)

I have always purchased hats, but never wore them until this month. Honestly, designing my hat wall helped me rekindle my love for this adorable accessory. I have been adding hats, especially my grey one, here, to literally all my outfits. Hats are so cute and super trendy right now! I love the hats under the ‘Trend’ category on the Nordstrom site because they are all reasonable price and well, trending!


What are some of your favorites you have been obsessing over lately? I hope you all have a Magnificent Monday and a great start to the week!



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