Knit Sweaters & Why You Need One!


I hope you all had a wonderful three day weekend! Ian and I explored a different city every day for this past extended weekend, including our favorite town, San Luis Obsipo, where we celebrated our anniversary 🙂 . We also had a romantic flight around the country side while the sun was setting, and ate tons of great food. A successful weekend I must say.

So before I start saying how cold it is getting, keep in mind that “cold” equals 60ºF and I am just really a baby when it comes to temperatures below 73ºF hah. But since the weather has been dropping, I have been obsessed with my knit sweaters! Sleeveless, short sleeves, the traditional long sleeve… there are so many style options, perfect for every style!

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Details: Knit Sweater | White Denim Shorts (similar) | Sandals (similar, same brand)

The sleeveless knits are perfect for transitioning seasons and pairing it with your summer whites, a long statement necklace, like this gorgeous fringe pendant here,  and a chunky heel– so chic! I paired my sweater with white denim shorts and a pair of sandals (similar here and here) for a more laid-back, summer vibe (before summer really leaves me for good) look.

Knit sweaters are definitely a fall staple and a great transitional piece. They are an easy throw-on-and-be-effortlessly-chic look and nothing is better than feeling cozy and hugged by a friendly koala all day… If you don’t have any knits, then today is your lucky day because I have linked a few that you truly need! I recommend checking out Express as well. I stocked up on a few sweaters from there during the Labor Day Sale; I really like the unique details and the edgy vibes on some of their sweaters. And if you are tall, take a look at this beautiful knit tunic. It is so beautiful it makes me cry that that I don’t have Kendall Jenner’s, or even my younger brother’s long legs…



Thank you so much for stopping by and have a fabulous week!



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  1. Nellie
    September 7, 2016 / 10:31 pm

    great pics! Love the Anthro long necklace! and… Happy Anniversary

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