Like it or Love it?

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Hi Beautifuls!
Today I am sharing with you a tool I use when I can’t decide if I should purchase that over-the-shoulder blouse that caught my eye across the room, or leave it behind.

I somewhat talked about this on Monday’s post, here, but I wanted to go more in-depth on how to decide if an item is a love it and you should splurge right this instant before your size is no longer available and be happy, or realize it’s not a total love it and you can actually be just as happy without it!

1. How Does It Fit?

From personal experience, don’t force it to be a love it. Just recently this happened to me. I ordered this adorable lace dress, here, for Easter and when I finally tried it on, there was just way too much fabric for my petite frame. I tried it on 3 times: with the shoes on, with the makeup done, you name it, I did because I was forcing this dress to be a love it.

Take Away: Even when you think something will be and is an absolute love it, try it on first! If it doesn’t flatter your frame, then it doesn’t flatter your frame. Don’t force it to be a love it.

2. How Versatile Is It?

To help decipher whether or not something is a like it or love it, I also like to think how much use can I get out of it.

Take Away: Especially when splurging, help justify the purchase by how many times will you actually wear the item once it is in your closet. If it’s something you most likely will forget about, then it’s not a love it.

3. Do You Really Need It?

“Of course I need it!” That’s typically my initial response to that question, but sometimes I surprise myself and realize that I actually don’t. How to decipher this question? Whether you are in stores or online, leave it in your shopping cart and step away from it for a few minutes. If you come back to it and you’re still totally in love get it, but you’ll be surprised how many times you will come and think, “meh, I don’t actually need this”. And when that thought comes to mind, it’s not a love it.

This may sound silly, but it really works! Even now, when Ian is a brave soul and goes shopping with me and I am uncertain about something, he’ll say, “I can tell it’s [ it’s not ] a love it” haha.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Are you attending Coachella this weekend? Click here, where I previously listed over 20 pieces that you will want to be wearing at all these upcoming festivals!

It’s almost Friday, yay! Thanks for stopping by!


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