Memorial Weekend Sales!

memorial_weekend_sales_01Hello Beautifuls and Happy Friday! I love 3-day weekends for many reasons: I get to spend more time with family and friends, I get a break of the everyday work grind, and with department stores hosting Memorial Weekend sales, I get to restock my wardrobe and maybe buy that swim suit for the summer that I have been eying, all while saving money!

Below I have listed some of the top boutiques and department stores that are currently having sales this weekend, so hurry before your size is gone (and sprint if you’re like me and wear the sizes that are always the first to go)! Now, brb while I fill up those shopping carts. 😉

memorial weekend sales

Any fun plans for the 3-day weekend? Later tonight I will be packing my bags and heading out to somewhere tropical, so stay tuned for all the exiciting photos to follow on both here and on my Instagram! 🙂


Happy Friday!


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