My Favorite Winter Layering Secrets!

Happy Friday! Today I am revealing two of my favorite items that I use a ton for layering and staying stylish during the winter. The best part is that these two items look amazing with everything and will instantly elevate your everyday outfit!

And those two items are *drumroll please* a hooded jacket and tights!

A hooded jacket? That sounds odd, so let me explain. I love hoodless jackets: bombers, leather jackets, but if I take a hoodless jacket and layer it with a hooded jacket underneath, then I am all for it. I think I make complete sense, but ask Ian and he may sigh and say differently, hah.

But here is why I would rather layer with a hooded jacket: 1. it gives you a little bit of extra warmth which is in high demand in the winter time and 2. there is something about layering another jacket under a jacket that brings more dimension in your look that I really like.

I usually opt for a grey hoodie for underneath because it is guaranteed to look good with all my other jackets, but when I am really feeling spunky I turn to my colored hoodies to pop a color. Overall, it is an easy and simple layering secret that I absolutely love. Also, skip the hooded jacket and pair a leather or bomber jacket with a sweatshirt and it will instantly elevate your look in a very chic way!

Style Tip: When using a jacket, I like to use ones that are in the same length or shorter to give off the look that it is all one jacket.

And then the tights. Tights are my secret weapon of getting away with wearing my spring and summer pieces during the colder seasons. The easiest way to continue wearing your spring dresses, skirts, and skorts is by pairing tights underneath it! This look looks great with combat boots and tall boots.

Again, tights is also a fun way to add color or texture to your looks, so as always have fun with it!

Style Tip: To still make your outfit feel like winter, opt for warmer hue accents whether it is in your accessories (jacket, tights, etc) or your makeup! For example, since my dress is very spring, I opted for a lot of black accents, but also added the chambray layer to make it not feel super dark. I then created a subtle smokey eye with browns and orange to make it still feel like winter.

I really hope you enjoyed this post and comment down below to share with me some of your favorite winter style secrets; I would love to hear!


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