New York Fashion Week 2016

Attending fashion week is on my bucket list. To attend the events in all the cities, from New York to Paris is dream of mine, but until then I will just live vicariously through magazine articles, Instagrams, and behind the scene footage courtesy to the many Snapchatters out there.

As Fashion week came to an end in New York, there were about 4 elements form hues to shapes that most all the Designers incorporated into their lines for this upcoming season. I cannot wait to play around with some of these new trends and below I have broken it down and attached some links to shop the looks now!

Trend 1: Denim. Lots of Denim.
I had to put this trend first because it is not Spring without a favorite Denim Jacket. However, the Designers at NYFW created a different denim trend that I wasn’t expecting. The pants had a very 90s style vibe to them: baggy, wide-legged, slouchy. Reminded me of my awkward tom-boy stage when I wanted to be just like Avril Lavigne…
To say the least, below I posted some other ways that seem to be more flattering to all body shapes and other ways that are also trending on the runway. Pair these looks with a skinny belt, chunky boots, and accessories, and you’ll be set!

Trend 2: Prints– Geo Style
I love adding prints to my wardrobe and I have always had a love for geometric shapes, so this trend I am excited for! Think your office apparel is getting a little dull? Liven it up with geometric patterns! Below are some pieces that I found not only trendy and cool, but sophisticated too!

Trend 3: That 70 hues
Have fun with this one! Add some color to your wardrobe this season by incorporating mustards with beige and rusty hues. I also noticed that Designers took these hues and created more of a Bohemian, Western Flare to it which I personally am in favor to.

Trend 4: You Do You
Obviously you should always do you and wear what you feel the most comfortable in, but trend #4 is more referring to the weather. Don’t let the weather impose on your style! This season it is about the knee high boots and layers! This trend is so versatile, I am excited to see how others take it and incorporate their own style.

If you are reading this, thank you for sticking around to read all the trends and my thoughts! You’re the best 😉


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