Pack Like a Pro for a Tropical Vacation!

pack_like_a_pro_tropical_FI_02Hi Beautifuls! Prepping for a tropical vacation this summer, but not sure what to pack? Whether you answered yes or no, keep reading for I am sharing some tips and tricks on packing light for a tropical vacation! If you ask anyone who has traveled with me, they will tell you I am a little quirky when it comes to packing because I always pack everything I need into my two carry-ons haha, and because I just recently got back from a tropical vacation myself, I thought I would share with all you lovelies just how I manage to do so 🙂


I love making lists, probably more than most people, or more than I should, but I enjoy it and it makes me stay super organized ha. But the first step to packing like a pro is to make a list:

– How many days/nights will you be there?
– What activities will you be doing during your stay?
– Can you purchase the item (ie. sunscreen, bug spray) after your arrival?

Writing these answers out will help you pack exactly what you need without over packing. I personally prefer to purchase some items like the sunscreen and bug spray (mosquitoes love me, unfortunately that feeling isn’t mutual) once I have reached my destination to save space (and because carrying on any form of liquid can’t be more than 3 ozs), but also because they are both common items that can easily be found.


Usually once I begin to pack, I take out everything because naturally I think I need it all. Creating outfits and laying them out helps determine which ones I will actually wear and which ones I can leave behind and still survive without.

I usually give myself the option of packing 2 outfits per day because, let’s be real, even though we think an outfit will be perfect for a specific day, doesn’t mean we are still feeling it when that day actually arrives.


This is the secret ingredient to fitting everything you need in your luggage. First layer: fold vertically and roll. Shorts, tanks, dresses, anything that won’t wrinkle roll up and lay it across your suitcase as the first layer (like cake!). Second layer: lay flat across your bottoms, dresses, tops, cover-ups (the items you don’t want wrinkled), and the Last layer: is the things you may want to wear first, or what I do, layer it will all my swim suits and then stack a small backpack and a crossbody bag for my activities planned for that vacation.

After I sit on my suitcase to zip it up, I next go to my travel bag (love the one I have from Sole Society!) and put the everyday essentials in. To keep it organized, I bag everything in categories. Makeup in makeup bag, liquids in my TSA-friendly travel bag from Sephora, jewels in another, and chargers in yet another hah #inception. What’s great about all these bags too is that you can reuse one and put your beach items that you don’t want to get sand all over before heading to the beach!

And because you lovelies are so awesome, below I have listed a few items that I love to use for packing, as well as some must-haves when traveling to a tropical destination, and light weight pieces that are super cute, affordable, and flattering on all shapes and sizes!

Also check out Windsor, here, for some super cute sunglasses for under $10!



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