Periwinkle Waterfall

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Hello, everyone and welcome (back) to my blog! Yesterday my mom, and younger brother and I did a day trip to visit some cousins that live up North and as fun as it was, my cousin’s little ones totally wore us out! haha. This outfit is what I wore over the weekend when Ian and I went to see the Jason Bourne movie! (and before my eyes swelled up like a puffer fish…). We both thought the movie was super good. I loved the flashbacks they did and seeing how young he looked in the first movie made me feel so old!

This outfit was created by Rent the Runway. I absolutely love the concept, especially when you have an event coming up, RTR makes the hunt for the perfect dress a lot of fun all at very reasonable prices! Warning: I became so in love with this periwinkle dress, the color, the embellished neckline, (omg it was gorgeous!), the hardest part was saying goodbye haha.

Also, I recently stumbled upon the greatness of audible. I really love reading a good book and immersing myself into the story and characters, but finding the time to sit down nowadays and physically open the book is almost impossible for me. I borrowed a book from Ian and it just sat on my dresser for two weeks, until we tried out audible and now we are almost done with the book! And because we spend so much time in the car, it is fun to listen to a story together and spark up conversations… Oh my gosh, did we just form our own book club? haha. But now that this book is wrapping up, what books would you recommend?!

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  1. Nells
    August 10, 2016 / 10:23 pm

    That Spade bag is amazing!

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