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Happy Saturday Beautifuls!

Last night as I went out to dinner for one of my brother’s birthday, we walked by this store that I have walked by hundreds of times, loved the interior and the layout of the place, but for some reason just never walked in – until last night. The store name you might ask? Lou & Grey. And I’m officially obsessed. Yes, I walked out with a bag in my hand, but the purpose of this post is to share with you activewear that they had and that I absolutely loved and bonus– it didn’t make my wallet cry afterwards!

Lou & Grey is not an athletic clothing line, but the activewear that they do carry, is unbelievably comfortable. The sports bra doesn’t even feel like it’s there and that’s a big plus for me, for I always seem to be bothered by them as they dig into my chest. Below are links to what I am wearing, plus a few others for people who may prefer a more subtle color when it comes to athletic gear.

The second place that I find super affordable for the amazing quality is Fabletics! I have been purchasing from this online boutique for over a year now, and the quality of the material is definitely improving. If you don’t know much about it, it is an online subscription retailer that sells athletic gear and accessories for both men and women ( and according to my brother, the men’s fashion is just as comfortable).  I didn’t put any links below from Fabletics because, if you have never tried it I highly recommend it; the first outfit is only $25!

And lastly, Forever21. I feel like their activewear selection has definitely grown over the last few years. Their pieces are cute and they are definitely affordable; however, just keep in mind when some things are that affordable, do not expect the longevity to last a full year.

What are some of your favorite brands to shop for athletic gear? I would love to hear!

Happy Saturday!


*Note: The sports I am wearing in the photo is in the shade Pink Coral Melange for $34.50, and the grey listed is the same exact one, but on sale for $19.88!


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