Summer Dresses Under $80

Happy Monday! Dresses are one of my favorites because they require little to no effort. They are my go-to’s when I have ‘nothing to wear‘ and perfect for days where you want to look cute and presentable but don’t have the energy to do so. Hellooo Mondays…

I have rounded up a good amount of adorable dresses all perfect for summer. Typically I gravitate towards bold colors during summer, but this year I have been really loving print and texture (a là ruffles, lace, cutouts, pleats, etc.). Though bold colors are still super fun and refreshing, I find that print and textures just add something really interesting and different to the standard summer look! I am swooning over this pink lace crochet dress. I am hoping it comes just in time for a bridal shower I am attending this month!!

In other news, over the weekend Ian and I went to a few nurseries and got a bunch of plants for his garden! I think it’s so fun that he loves to garden because I can barely keep a succulent alive, so I knew there was never any hope for me in the gardening field, but now I get to be in a beautiful garden and eat the delicious treats without having the full responsibility of keeping any of them alive! It’s the best of both worlds, hah.

What’s your favorite summer dress style?


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