The 6 Best Summer Fabrics

Hello, Beauty! Today on The Beautiful Melody, I will be sharing 6 fabrics that will keep you cool (and stylish, of course) during the hot summer days that have, or that will soon arrive.


Linen is one of the most common fabrics for summer. It provides easy air flow, being one of the lightest fabrics, and it is beyond comfortable when being worn! With its fine woven texture, I find linen to be one of the more sophisticated fabrics out there when tailored to fit your shape. This summer, stay cool and add a fresh take on your style by opting for a pair of linen pants (also great for the office!), a cute linen blouse, or even a flattering linen dress. You will look classy and chic, and your body will thank you for keeping cool all day long.


“…is the fabric of our lives.” 😉 Cotton has that slogan for a reason, though. It is extremely comfortable to wear, affordable to own, absorbs moisture like a pro, and comes in so many different weights.


Ray-on is a man-made synthetic material and feels similar to cotton, but not as durable as cotton, making this fabric more lightweight and airy– bring it on humidity.


Yes, this is another sister of cotton, so it will keep you cool in the heat, but I am separating it into it’s own category because Chambray is often woven with a higher thread count making it a more breathable fabric. Also, it has the look of denim without having the weight of denim (it’s like you can have your cake and eat it too after all!)


Light and airy…the two main ingredients needed to be the perfect fabric during the warmer weather and silk is just that.

Style Tip: When wearing silk, look for dresses or blouses that more so drapes the body, while still accentuating your figure. Although silk has the ingredients to be one of the best fabric choice of the summer, a more fitted silk during the heat is not so comfortable and can easily lose its elegant style when it is all wrinkly due to the moisture.


The most popular of sheer fabrics. Chiffon is also a very lightweight and flowy fabric that embellishes a feminine charm. Add some texture and movement to your outfit by choosing a chiffon dress or skirt with pleats! I love this pleated maxi, here, by Eliza J (and it’s available in both regular and petite sizes).

Below I have selected some really cute and affordable pieces to help keep us ladies cool and chic over summer! (insert emoji face with sunglasses on)


Style Tip: Though you want to search for the fabrics that are lightweight and breathable, also keep in mind that color also plays an important role in staying cool too! Lighter hues, such as cream and pastels do not absorb the heat as quickly and will also help reflect the heat as well.


Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you are now ready to take on the heat this summer!


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