The Big & Bold Trend You Have to Try this Fall!

Has any of you used uber and the driver calls you for more clarity on where they are picking you up (because the address apparently isn’t good enough)? Well that happened to me and being the directionally challenged damsel that I am, I was unable to give them extra knowledge than what Google Maps would have given them, so they hung up on me and canceled my ride. #firsttimer… I was so sad, but the third time was a charm and the girl was awesome and we jammed out to country music and shared our life stories haha.

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Hello, lovelies! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! We have finally entered the first week of Autumn, though not in California; it is 90º all week… I am so excited to share with you this bold trend you seriously must try this fall! As we all saw in the Spring collection this year, embroidery and embellishments made a huge comeback in the fashion industry and I am so happy that it has become even bigger and bolder as we welcome Fall! The elaborate details, the artful embellishments; the bolder it is, the more in love I will be.

Although I know people may not want to be too bold, what I love about this trend is that it doesn’t have to be! Take the dress I am wearing in this post, for example, I love this dress because the embroidery is a beautiful design, yet the black and beige combo makes it tastefully subtle. Once the weather cools down, I am so excited to pair it with black tights, booties, and possibly a panama hat for a more bohemian look.

Below I have listed several beautifully embroidered pieces that I find perfect for fall! And as I always say, if you want to try out a new trend, but are wary of it because it may not be your style, test it out through accessories! From handbags to booties, I have been seeing a ton of cute embellished accessories!






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