The Perfect Pair of White Jeans


Hello Beauty Babes! I have to be honest, today’s topic was not planned, but this morning as I created the perfect outfit for the day (#ootd), I got frustrated that all my white pants look exactly  the same – super distressed from top to bottom. So, long story short, I am now in a completely different outfit looking for white jeans online, and thought why not share my finds with all you Beautifuls!

What I love about these pants I selected above is that:

  1. There is a pair to match everyone’s budget (my top two favorites here and here  are both under $100!)
  2. Some may have the distressed / worn out look to them, but they’re subtle and can still have that sophisticated appeal
  3. All brands selected are both super comfortable and flattering 😉
  4. I can start wearing white jeans again without children asking me if I own a cat, or fell while running (yes, those both happened to me. Thank you, concerned young children)

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Thank you so much for stopping by!


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