The Perfect Road Trip Outfit


Summer may be officially over, but that doesn’t mean my tan has to be! I am obsessed with the St. Tropez Mousse and what’s even better is when people comment on how tan I am and I say it’s from St. Tropez. They either know I am referring to the self-tanner brand, or they’ll think I am constantly vacationing in St. Tropez, France…

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Hello and Happy Friday! This evening Ian comes home from a two week trip to Europe! His last destination was London and I am slightly jealous he was unintentionally there during London Fashion Week…oh if only he knew (or cared) I would’ve totally made him go to a show for me! haha.

Anyways, I thought I would share this look with y’all when Ian and I went on a road trip down the coast. It was the perfect road trip outfit because it was loose, comfy, and stylish! Kimonos are one of my favorite travel essentials. The lightweight material makes it easy to layer with, if you wanted to, but I personally love how the oversized staple makes the outfit easy, simple, and oh so chic. Seriously if I took off the kimono and were to just wear my white tank, shorts, and have my hair super crazy like that, I would have not looked so pulled together and poised. Trust me…the hair is literally being held by a a single bobby pin somewhere up in there to say the least hah.

I wore it again on my flight to Kauai earlier this year (click the link to see pretty pictures of the trip!) and again, it was the perfect piece to bring! It also turned into a pretty whimsical coverup that blew in the wind as Ian and I walked along the beach (so majestic haha). And a bonus for traveling with a Kimono: when it gets to cold in the car or plane, it can turn into a blanket!

Below I have linked some really fabulous kimonos that if you don’t own at least one, you should reconsider! 😉 And for those of you reading this and may not be traveling anywhere any time soon, consider pairing an oversized kimono with a mini (dress or skirt) and a pair of booties, or leggings and tall boots for the perfect fall look! (this one here is only $10)



Thank you so much for stopping by and have a fabulous weekend!!


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