The Shoes You Need to Enter Fall 2016


Happy Monday, Beauties! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend. My weekend took a turn when I woke up looking like Will Smith when he got an allergic reaction to the food he ate in the movie Hitch, except mine was caused by eyelash glue. Beauty is painful… so so painful.

So because I stayed away from the camera and humanity this weekend, I am going to share all the fun items you, me, we all need to enter Fall looking fabulous and chic, starting with shoes! (because it’s not fall without adorable new boots, am I right?)

Over the Knee Boots

I absolutely love over the knee boots! But to flatter your body type can be tricky. How Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner may pair their OTKB may not be the same way we should pair ours. For instance, they are tall with long legs #legsfordays whereas myself, not so much… The one thing you do not want to do when wearing this style boot is to overwhelm your body frame. If you are on the petite side, like I am, pair the boots with a fitted outfit, like a mini skirt, or a structured dress that ends above the knees so you don’t make your legs appear shorter.




Booties, booties, booties, laying everywhere (in my closet…). Okay, sorry, I had to, moving on haha.

My favorite bootie last year (that I honestly wore all year long; they are that cute) were these peep toe booties by Kristen Cavallari and this year she created the same slouchy bootie, but with a closed toe making it more optimal for the colder days and super cute to pair with tights! (check it out here. All three shades are beautiful and can be easily paired with all colors).

Style Tip: For a more effortlessly street-chic look, pair the booties with dark skinny jeans and a loose fitted tee; and for a romantic approach, pair the booties with a simple shift dress, cardigan, tights, and the classic red lip, of course. 🙂




I am personally not a flats person. I always gravitate towards boots or sneakers, but that doesn’t mean I never look at flats; in fact, I really love flats and find that they can add such a dainty darling detail, or a fun pop of color or print to your overall look! Plus, flats are the perfect transitional shoe. 😉



Edit: Oxfords are apparently considered a flat, so I guess I am a flats person haha. But since, I still view them more as a sneaker, let’s continue to the last style of shoe you need to enter Fall…


I have always had a love for pairing (white) sneakers with a cute dress. It’s like you’re telling the world, yeah I am girly, but also warning them at the same time to not mess with you. Who runs the world? Exactly.

You can never go wrong with a clean white pair of sneakers, but ever since Adidas came back with their 90s inspired classic sneaker, the street-chic style has never been so stylish. Below I have listed some of my favorites, but these metallic sneakers, here, has to be my absolute favorite. I was so happy when metallics started to trend again because it brought back so many great memories of accessories I wish I still had (except for the giant metallic purse that was bigger than my entire body; that can stay wherever it is now…). And don’t be nervous to pop a metallic accessory to your look! Treat it as a neutral tone because it will seriously look fabulous with anything and everything!




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