To Buy or To Say Goodbye!

That is the question! (Anyone else like my Shakespeare innuendo? Heh, just me? Ok.)


Hello Beautifuls! A little under a year ago, I treated myself to this gorgeous handbag by Kate Spade (you may recognize it from my Instagram). But why am I telling you this, you may wonder? Simply because at the time I was in desperate need of a new daily driver and was constantly contemplating whether or not I should splurge or just buy a cute $40 purse that will do in the meantime…well, fast-forward to now (since we all know what the outcome had been) because, I am breaking it down and sharing 3 tips on when to buy and when to say goodbye!


When a trend hits the runway we all want to swipe our cards right away to get the latest before anyone else, but if we take a deep breath and don’t make an impulse purchase, we may save ourselves money (and who doesn’t love a good deal?!)

Take these fringe handbags below, for instance. They are all beautifully designed in their own way, yet isn’t it amazing how drastic the price range varies for the exact same style?! The Saint Laurent crossbody bag is absolutely stunning with just the right amount of 70’s inspired flare, but for almost the exact same look  and for a fraction of the cost, you can get this Metallic Fringe crossbody by Street Level. (You save 97.4%!)


In fact when a style starts to trend, I like to find the ones that have their own unique flare to it, like the Street Level Fringe, here. Unlike most fringe bags I’ve seen, I love how it tapers to the center with the braided detail on the top. These subtle differences add its own character and charm to this bohemian trend.


As seasons come and go, so do the colors that correlate with the time of year. In Autumn we  are surrounded by beautiful deep hues such as aubergine, navy blues, burnt orange, and rustic hues; and as we see now, during the warmer seasons, we see lots more corals, yellow, and pastels shades (like blush and sky blue).

Although I may not say buy (and splurge) on a seasonal colored handbag (BP. by Nordstrom is a great brand and alternative to add those fun colors to your outfits without breaking the bank), there is a color that I would recommend splurging on– red!


A true red is such a gorgeous accent color and can be worn all year long (red during winter is absolutely stunning)! Think Taylor Swift, “red lip classic thing that you like”… Thanks, T. Swift, I couldn’t of said it better myself. It’s a classic and it’s a color that accessorizes beautifully with every skin tone #buy!


I absolutely adore my Kate Spade handbag for many reasons, but mainly because of its timeless design and classic shape. The duotone (light beige and black), the option for an adjustable shoulder strap, and the clean-lined details makes this handbag so chic that goes with literally every outfit! Finding a timeless piece is definitely worth it, so below I have added just a few for some inspiration!



Just like the perfect pair of shoes, the right handbag, whether it’s a tote or crossbody bag, can totally complete and make the outfit, but sometimes we can say bye and instead buy an alternative for a fraction of the cost! I wish you enjoyed this post as well as I hope this helps you justify any purchases in the near future because, that is what I am here for 😉


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