Transitioning from Winter to Spring!


Hello there, Beautifuls! As the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer, I could not help but start getting excited for Spring! Unfortunately California wanted to rain on my parade, literally because it is suppose to rain any day now and continue to rain for the next week or so (*tear). But I can’t complain because the rain is much needed and it is also the perfect excuse to catch up on TV Shows and drink lots of hot cocoa!

Today on The Beautiful Melody, I will be sharing with all you Beautifuls 4 ways you can still begin to incorporate your spring pieces, even while it’s raining as we are still transitioning from winter to spring!

1. Switch up the Fabrics

Although it will be raining in California, it will be warm rain as the weather will stay around 60ºF. So, with that being said, start swapping your cashmere and flannels for fabrics that are more suited for spring and summer– like your favorite cotton dress, or that new linen blouse you purchased at the end of summer last year and totally forgot about! (I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s guilty of that…I hope not.)

Tip: Because we are still in transition from one season to the next, embrace these lighter fabrics in doses. For example, swap out your heavy winter coat for a trench coat or a light bomber jacket! (Tuc and Wes has a really cute floral bomber for $49)

2. Layers on Layers on Layers

Want to wear that linen blouse or that cotton spring dress, but nervous you’ll be too cold? Have no fear and add some layers, my dear!

As mentioned above, styling your outfits with a nice trench coat is a great way to stay warm while still incorporating a lighter spring look. But you don’t just have to layer with light coats and cardigans; as I did in my outfit today, instead of pairing my dress with sandals, I instead paired it with tall socks and a mid-calf boot!

Tip: Don’t try to ditch winter just yet; try to still integrate it by adding darker hues into your wardrobe. (I selected my darker denim jacket instead of my lighter shade to tone down the overall look today)

3. Add a Spring Pattern

Like I have said before, it’s not officially spring until you can start wearing your floral prints and fun patterns! Don’t be afraid because it’s not technically Spring yet! As seen on my IG yesterday, I was wearing a floral blouse with white distressed jeans, but I paired it with neutral colored floppy hat from Nordstroms and my Dolce Vita Suede Booties intertwining both my winter and spring pieces.

4. Spring Beauty and Accessories

This is one of the easiest ways to slowly start to incorporate Spring into your looks, and one of my favorites. Most of these style tips mentioned ways to tone down your spring pieces while we are transitioning seasons, but don’t forget you can also brighten up your look by adding spring jewels, pretty bright pink lip, or a fun bright umbrella, like I opted to do today! (Anastasia of Beverly Hills Liquid Lips is one of my favorites)

As much as I hope this helped a little for all you Beautifuls out there, I each and one of you are having a terrific week!



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