Vacationing in Kaua’i 2016

^^ This was the best shaved ice on the island! They made their syrups organically with fresh fruit and the ice was shaved so thin and fluffy like a day on the slopes after a good snow storm; it was soo delicious! But, they only make 100 a day, so you have to arrive early to guarantee a spot in line!
^^One of my favorite places to hike while on Kaua’i – The Sleeping Giant Trail. The view at the top, getting to view the entire north side (the most tropical side) of the island is beyond beautiful. ^^One of my favorite dinners while we were there 🙂 We shared the goat cheese arugula salad, then I got the Mahi Mahi with Macadamia Nut sauce on top (so good and fresh!) and Ian got the chicken marsala with creamy goat cheese, tomatoes, and figs – so flavorful! Beach House Restaurant is mostly known for its view of ocean with the sunset, which was beautiful, yes, but our favorite part was once the sun set, hundreds of parakeets flew towards us to sleep in the palm trees that grew right in front of the restaurant, it was so cool!

Aloha Beauties! As many of you may have seen on INSTAGRAM, last week I was in Kaua’i going back to my roots of being a mermaid and exploring the beautiful island. I intended to write while being there, but vacationing and visiting family happened and well, yeah, we all know how that story ended haha. But now that I am back, I am excited to share my fun getaway!

Since my grandparents were born and raised on the island, I have been countless times to visit family, but this time I got go with Ian, and since this was his first time in Kaua’i, we explored every backroad, saw so many amazing waterfalls, and ate so many different kinds of fruits that not even I have seen or tried before! And being huge into aviation, he signed us up for a helicopter tour around the entire island, and though I was as frozen as an icicle with the doors of the helicopter off and the mist of the rain coming in, it was seriously such an incredible experience! (I just highly recommend close toed shoes and pants to keep warm) But for how close we were to mountains and waterfalls, it’s impossible to see all the beauty by car, or even by plane.

I had such an amazing time, the entire trip was a highlight from playing in sand, eating lots of delicious food, and cruising all over the island with the top down of our convertible (to really embrace that touristy feel hah). Kaua’i is a beautiful tropical island and I am sad to have left, but that just means I have to start planning now on to where to go next! Any suggestions?



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  1. Nells
    June 7, 2016 / 3:49 pm

    I am craving a trip to this beautiful island! Mahalo for sharing!

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