Valentine’s Day Inspired

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Happy Wednesday! I have been contemplating on when would be a good time to post this without it being too soon and now that with Valentine’s Day being almost a month away, I decided today would be the day! Besides, not planning ahead risks the chances of your size being unavailable, am I right?…

I absolutely love this hallmark holiday. I am such a romantic that I get so excited to celebrate a day about love! Since the first week of January my mind has been in preparation for Valentine’s Day. Every year, I custom design a menu, decorate the dining room and cook dinner with Ian while dancing around to Michael Bublé-esque music. Oh and even though we stay in, I do request that we dress up and take at least one photo together (it is so difficult trying to get that guy to take a photo hah).

Above I have rounded up a few of my favorite pieces that are ultra feminine and romantic; beautiful pieces that would create a stunning Valentine’s Day look, or lovely gift ideas to hint towards your loved one. 😉

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