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Hello Gorgeous! I hope today wasn’t too much of a struggle to wake up. And if it was, I hope you treat yourself to multiple caffeinated beverages.

I wanted to share the look I posted on Instagram yesterday. It is one of my favorite weekend looks, or when I want to be more casual and laid back. (aka pretty much my everyday outfit)…

And more importantly, I wanted to talk about a new and easier way to shop you favorite looks through LIKETOKNOW.it! But first let’s get to the outfit.

A tee, skort (or shorts), sneakers, and a jean jacket. Those are the key ingredients that make up one of my favorite spring/summer looks. It is super simple, super stylish, and very comfortable which makes it the perfect go-to look for every style!

In yesterday’s look, I dressed it more 90’s grunge with the rustic orangish brown makeup and the velvet choker. But if I wanted more girly, I would’ve swapped for a pink lip and maybe a crystal bib necklace of some sort… Basically same ingredients worn as stated above, but the makeup, hair, and accessories can really change up the look!

And can we talk about how cute this tee is?! I find the lashes SO adorable. I have never been one for graphic tees, but the past few years designers have been coming out with very chic ones and I think it just adds a splash of fun to your outfit!

I purchased my tee here (in an xsmall for a fitted look; it is super long in length!)

The jean jacket pulls together and elevates any basic” outfit and to dress the look up a bit, I love pairing it with a skort!

Girly in the front…uh, not so girly in the back? The saying works better for mullets…

Anyways, I love skorts because I love the girly chic vibes in the front, but I also love how you are not restricted to do things throughout the day that you may be with a mini skirt. Like want to ride a bike? A skort can’t stop you!

PS. fringed shorts are super cute too.


What’s LIKETOKNOW.it? It is a shopping platform where you can shop your favorite looks on social channels directly from your email. You can sign up your email here.

Mini background story: In order to shop mine, or any influencers looks on your mobile devices, you had to sign up with LIKETOKNOW.it, “like” the photos on Instagram, and then wait until it was delivered to your email (that you signed up with) and then you can start shopping with direct links to the pieces!

Fast Forward to Now: The team behind LIKETOKNOW.it has made shopping even easier with their own mobile app! All you have to do is:

1. Download the App

2. Take a screenshot from Instagram, Snapchat, or even Pinterest! (anywhere influencer pics are)

3. A little dropdown notification will appear, “Your screenshot from [@influencer] is ready to shop”

4. Go to the app and all your screen shots and “liked” images will be in one place ready to shop for you!

And that’s it! A lot of influencers will now have a little logo on the righthand side of those photos to tell others that their photos are screenshot enabled, but just because it is not there on your favorite influencer’s photo, doesn’t mean you cannot screenshot it. Basically, if any influencer tags LIKETOKNOW.it in their caption, screenshot away and start shopping sooner!

I hope this helps you get a better understanding on their new app, and I hope you utilize the new tool! It is so much fun and so easy to use!

Below I have linked the rest of my outfit details plus a few fun graphic tees because they are just so cute, haha.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

Shop My Look: 
Jean Jacket | Dark Wash here
Skort | More cute ones here

Shop Graphic Tees:


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  1. March 14, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    I saw this outfit on Instagram and was totally in love!! That wink graphic tee is super cute and fun for the weekend and I’m totally in love with Like to know it’s new app! So much easier to shop this way and I’m getting way less spam in my inbox!

    Rina Samantha

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