Weekend Shenanigans at Maker Faire

05.22.16_inside_02 05.22.16_inside_03 05.22.16_inside_06 05.22.16_inside_01 05.22.16_inside_05 05.22.16_inside_04Hi Beauties! My Monday blog posts are one of my favorites to write about because I get to share a bit more about myself and my interests by the activities I did over the weekend. This weekend was a perfect weekend mixed with catching up on shows (anyone here a The Originals  or Game of Thrones fanatic?), organizing (yes, I love to organize on my free time 🙂 ), and adventuring off and exploring new sights!

As sampled above in the photographs, Ian and I went to something called Maker Faire where everyone there was some form of artist or scientist. People from all over the states brought their creations to show and tell their process, and everything about it was amazing! (if only my 5th grade science fairs were this cool hah). But the reason I love fashion is because by the materials and accessories, whether you hand-make it or buy it, it creates a personal style and lets everyone be creative and unique to themselves, and attending the faire and seeing so many talented people showcase their invention and creativity was really cool. I love witnessing the endless possibilities of innovation, it’s so inspiring to me! I highly suggest looking to see if your hometown hosts a Maker Faire and definitely attend next year– I know I will be!

In other news, Disney just released the first trailer for their remake of Beauty and the Beast starring Emma Watson and oh. my. goodness. being ecstatic is a major understatement! If you haven’t seen the trailer yet, click here, but warning: tears of joy may occur–at least it did for me…

I hope you all have a great start to the week and thank you so much for stopping by!



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