What to Wear to a Winery


Hello, Beautiful and welcome to my blog! Over the weekend, a bunch of us got together and went wine tasting to celebrate a friend’s birthday, and though I don’t really drink I was excited to see friends, and of course dress for the occasion! It was my first time wine tasting and I had NO idea what to wear because I had no idea where we were going, if it was going to be an indoor or outdoor event, you know all the essentials needed to create the perfect outfit… But that is what happens when boys plan something, you get the bare minimum and you just have to work with what you have, and for me, all I knew it was going to be an all day event at a winery haha.

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When going to a winery, the first thing we think is classy. Which we should to an extent, but honestly think more comfort (sandals, flats, wedges), think loose fitting pieces (you will be drinking sugary beverages all day), and think BYOS (bring your own snacks) because boy was I disappointed when I wasn’t served cheese or crackers at any of the 3 wineries we went to hah.

I layered my dress with a light-weight blazer (similar here and here) which worked out perfectly, and it was a nice accessory to tie in the outfit and add a splash of summertime. And my espadrilles were the perfect chose of shoes because it gave me the height I lack (I have tall friends) and the comfort I needed to be able to stand and walk around all day long.

Below I have listed a few outfit inspirations that are perfect for wineries, or any day time event with friends, such as a BBQ or pool party, etc. And best part: all pieces below are under $100 and perfect for fall!!




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